Tournament winners received Matea Nesek fragrances, and the one Zidanšek got is worth $680!

13.06.2019. by Mia Bednaž

Tournament winners received Matea Nesek fragrances, and the one Zidanšek got is worth $680!

Another Croatia Bol Open is over! The strongest and most interesting edition ever. The winner of this year's Croatia Bol Open is last year's winner, Slovenian Tamara Zidanšek. The organization of the whole tournament wouldn't be possible without our sponsors. This year we were joined by the brand Matea Nesek®.

Matea Nesek is fast-growing UAE luxury fragrance brand known for reflecting the very essence of Dubai lifestyle: luxury, innovation and rich Arabic tradition combined with esteemed Mediterranean influences. Apart from the money prize and the trophy of the author Milan Kalinić, Zidanšek and the doubles winners, Bacsinszky and Minella, received the exclusive perfumes by Matea Nesek.

"Parfumes have always been a big passion of mine and moving to Dubai allowed me to explore a rich Arabic perfume culture that differentiates itself a lot from my native Mediterranean one. Inspired by Dubai Lifestyle, with Matea Nesek® brand I wanted to combine the two influences by creating fragrances that will show the best of the worlds – the finest ingredients from the Mediterranean with Middle Eastern scents like jasmine, musk, amber and precious oud. Combination of exotic history, local tradition, and love. Highest quality ingredients and luxury packaging were mandatory as well as an innovative approach in fragrance creation, "says Matea Nesek, founder of the brand.

Since 2015, when this brand was founded, it grew its fragrance portfolio into a total of 13 Eau de Parfumes fragrances (Women, Men, and Unisex). Croatian edition of renowned Cosmopolitan magazine awarded "Performance" by Matea Nesek perfume Beauty award for the fragrance of the year 2018.

Nowadays it is demanding for a woman to be successful in sports as well as it is in business. What motivates Matea Nesaki to continue to move throughout the entrepreneurial world?

"The main motivation for me are numerous positive comments that we regularly receive via social networks and requests of customers where they can try out our perfumes. I'm currently working on a new line that I'm very excited about. And in addition to that, I try to expand into new markets, make new partnerships and strengthen existing ones. "

When we choose what we will do in our lives, in your opinion, is it better to be guided by heart and emotions, or mind and finances?

"The whole perfume story is actually the result of my business vision. I want to encourage future entrepreneurs to believe it is possible to enter from one business branch into another that you really love and you still can be successful. There is no need to wait for the right moment, because the right moment is right now, reach out for your goal! "

As a longterm golf player, Matea Nesek decided to dedicate one of her Fragrance lines to this popular sport. Matea Nesek® perfumes have been recognized by famous golf players like Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods. Why did you decide to support tennis and our tournament?

"I like tennis, as does my family. Through childhood, we were spending a lot of time at my uncles who has a beautiful tennis court behind his house. We would often organize mini tournaments while barbecuing, although I must admit, I'm not good at tennis. "

[caption id="attachment_5864" align="alignright" width="200"]Valoroso Valoroso by Matea Nesek[/caption]

What scent awaits the winner of the tournament Tamar Zidanšek when she opens the bottle worth $ 680?

"The winner of the tournament received 'Power' by Matea Nessi EDP from a limited edition of only 250 bottles. When creating fragrances for me it is especially important to create a combination that will not match any existing one, but that it will be unique and have a unique stamp. Bottle design and packaging are extremely important because it gives added worth to the fragrance. So the winning Power comes in a handmade wooden box, and the perfume bottle is gold plated. The scent comes in a version Eau de toilette in a 100 ml packaging. One of the most interesting components that I use is oud. Oud and oud extracts and are expensive. Its value is estimated at 1.5 times the value of gold, so it is called 'liquid gold' or 'tree of gods'. "

"For the doubles winners, I have prepared a beautiful fragrant composition. Valoroso Eau de toilette for women, a bold and unconventional scent from Golden Edition line by Matea Nesek that is engraved with real gold. It is designed for women who follow their heart, trust their instincts and know how to recognize the true value. Base notes start with an interesting combination of raspberry and musk and develop into a recognizable combination of iris, violets and sandalwood in the heart of the perfume. The top notes are a floral-fruity blend of apples, pineapple and jasmine that give this fragrance a distinctive scent. The scent comes in the version of Eau de parfum in a pack of 80 ml.

Where can you find Matea Nesek niche perfumes?

At Notino webshop, in Croatia in selected Farmacia pharmacies stores, Nikel shop in Zagreb Vlaška Street, Inflight Croatia Airlines shop and several 5-star hotels. In Dubai, perfumes can be purchased in their showroom at the Business Bay, an online platform, several Concept Store, as well as 5-star hotels. Of course, fragrances can be ordered through their official webshop ( or social media networks.



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